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No vehicle or trailer shall be parked or stopped on any of the following streets, alleys or portions thereof:

(1) Main Street:

(a) Between Chester Street and SR 4.

(b) North side of Main Street east of and within 100 feet of Butler Street, except as otherwise signed.

(2) Butler Street:

(a) Northeast side between Main Street and Una Avenue or Division Street.

(b) Between Division Street and Una Avenue.

(3) Broadway Street: south side, except one-half hour before to one-half hour after funeral services at the funeral home located on Broadway Street.

(4) Division Street: south side.

(5) River Street: west side. (Ord. 485 § 2(C), 2006; Ord. 453 § 1, 2004; Ord. 253 § 6, 1969)