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(1) The petition properly signed shall be filed with the town clerk upon payment of a filing and appraisal fee, which shall be paid into the general fund of the town to aid in defraying of expenses incurred by the town in appraising the property, checking the sufficiency of such petition and investigating or reporting the facts and shall not be returned to the petitioners, regardless of the town council’s action on such petition. The amount of the fee shall be determined as set forth in the town’s Service Fees and Charges Schedule adopted annually with the budget ordinance or by resolution. Minimum fees are as follows:

(a) One to five separate ownerships abutting the proposed vacation, a minimum fee of $150.00.

(2) The minimum appraisal fee shall be $500.00.

(3) In the event that the filing and appraisal fee, computed on petitioner’s estimate, proves to be insufficient, as evidenced by the town investigation, the balance of the fee shall be paid by the petitioner before notices of hearing are mailed. (Res. 379 § 3, 2019)