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The town clerk is empowered to issue overnight moorage permits to those who request the same, provided:

(1) No permit may be issued permitting overnight moorage for more than three consecutive nights.

(2) Overnight moorage permits shall be granted upon a showing that a vessel must remain moored overnight for purposes of efficient loading or unloading, out of mechanical or other necessity, due to hazardous weather conditions, for commercial purposes such as the conducting of tours or exhibitors, or for purposes of political, religious, or educational exhibits, rallies, or assemblies.

(3) If the purpose for which the vessel must remain moored is commercial, then the clerk shall charge an amount equal to 150 percent of the fee that would be charged according to the then effective rate at the Wahkiakum Marina, Wahkiakum County Port District.

(4) A copy of the permit shall be prominently displayed on the boat.

(5) Any decision of the town clerk or the clerk’s designee with respect to the issuance, refusal to issue, revocation, or refusal to revoke an overtime moorage permit may be appealed to the town council by filing a notice of intent to appeal such decision with the town clerk within 10 days of the date of the decision being appealed. Said notice of appeal shall include a complete statement of the reason or reasons that form the basis of the appeal. The decision of the town council shall be final, binding and conclusive, said decision being solely within the discretion of the legislative body. (Ord. 436 § 2, 2002)