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A CCS employed by or under contract with the town shall determine the type of backflow assembly to be installed within the area served by the town. All assemblies shall be installed at the service connection unless it is determined by the CCS to install the assembly at the point of use. An assembly will be required in each of the following circumstances, but the CCS is in no way limited to the following circumstances:

(1) The nature and extent of any activity on the premises, or the materials used in connection with any activity on the premises, or materials stored on the premises, could contaminate or pollute the potable water supply.

(2) Premises having any one or more cross connections or potential cross connections as that term is defined in this chapter and the WAC.

(3) When an appropriate cross connection survey report form has not been filed with the CCC manager.

(4) Internal cross connections are present that are not correctable.

(5) Intricate plumbing arrangements or plumbing potentially subject to frequent changes are present that make it impractical to ascertain whether or not cross connections exist.

(6) There is a repeated history of cross connections being established or re-established.

(7) All lawn irrigation systems.

(8) There is unduly restricted entry so that inspections for cross connections cannot be made with sufficient frequency to assure that cross connections do not exist.

(9) Materials are being used such that, if backflow should occur, a health hazard could result.

(10) Installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly is deemed to be necessary to accomplish the purpose of these regulations in the judgment of the town.

(11) Any premises having an auxiliary water supply.

(12) When a building is constructed on commercial premises, and the end use of such building is not determined, or could change, a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly will be installed at the service connection.

(13) There exists any used or reclaimed water return system.

(14) If it is determined that additions or rearrangements have been made to the plumbing system without obtaining proper permits as required by the code enforcement division, premises isolation will be required.

(15) All high health cross connection hazard premises which are defined in Table 9 of WAC 246-290-490, or as amended, are required to have premises isolation by installing an approved air gap or reduced pressure principle assembly in accordance with this chapter. (Ord. 550 § 2, 2012)