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The town adopts the following sections of Chapter 197-11 WAC by reference:


197-11-050 Lead agency.

197-11-055 Timing of the SEPA process.

197-11-060 Content of environmental review.

197-11-070 Limitations on actions during SEPA process.

197-11-080 Incomplete or unavailable information.

197-11-090 Supporting documents.

197-11-100 Information required of applicants.

197-11-158 SEPA/GMA project review – Reliance on existing plans, laws and regulations.

197-11-164 Planned actions – Definition and criteria.

197-11-168 Ordinances or resolutions designating planned actions – Procedures for adoption.

197-11-172 Planned actions – Project review.

197-11-210 SEPA/GMA integration.

197-11-228 Overall SEPA/GMA integration procedures.

197-11-230 Timing of an integrated GMA/SEPA process.

197-11-232 SEPA/GMA integration procedures for preliminary planning, environmental analysis, and expanded scoping.

197-11-235 SEPA/GMA integration documents.

197-11-238 SEPA/GMA integration monitoring.

197-11-250 SEPA/Model Toxics Control Act integration.

197-11-253 SEPA lead agency for MTCA actions.

197-11-256 Preliminary evaluation.

197-11-259 Determination of nonsignificance and EIS for MTCA remedial action.

197-11-265 Early scoping for MTCA remedial actions.

197-11-268 MTCA interim actions. (Ord. 581 § 2, 2016)