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(1) Preparation of draft and final EISs (DEIS and FEIS) and draft and final supplemental EISs (SEIS) is the responsibility of the responsible official. Before the town issues an EIS, the responsible official shall be satisfied that it complies with this chapter and Chapter 197-11 WAC. When there is a project permit application, preparation of the EIS is the responsibility of the applicant, under direction of the responsible official. However, when there is no project permit application, the responsible official shall have the discretion to determine the responsibility for preparation of the EIS, under the direction of the responsible official based on the circumstances.1

(2) The DEIS and FEIS or draft and final SEIS shall be prepared by the town staff, the applicant, or by a consultant selected by the town. If the responsible official requires an EIS for a proposal and determines that someone other than the town will prepare the EIS, the responsible official shall notify the applicant immediately after completion of the threshold determination. The responsible official shall also notify the applicant of the town’s procedure for EIS preparation, including approval of the DEIS and FEIS prior to distribution.

(3) The town may require an applicant to provide information the town does not possess, including specific investigations. However, the applicant is not required to supply information that is not required under this chapter or that is being requested from another agency. However, this does not apply to information the town may request under another ordinance or statute.

(4) Subject to delays caused by the applicant’s failure to provide information requested by the town and other delays beyond the town’s control, an EIS will be completed within one year of the date of the declaration of significance, unless an appeal is filed or the town and applicant agree in writing to a different estimated time period for completion of the EIS. (Ord. 581 § 2, 2016)