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This section and CMC 14.05.210 and 14.05.220 contain rules for consulting, commenting and responding on all environmental documents under SEPA, including rules for public notice and hearings. The town adopts the following sections by reference, as supplemented by CMC 14.05.210 and 14.05.220:


197-11-500 Purpose of this part.

197-11-502 Inviting comment.

197-11-504 Availability and cost of environmental documents.

197-11-508 SEPA register.

197-11-510 Public notice.

197-11-535 Public hearings and meetings.

197-11-545 Effect of no comment.

197-11-550 Specificity of comments.

197-11-560 FEIS response to comments.

197-11-570 Consulted agency costs to assist lead agency. (Ord. 581 § 2, 2016)