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It shall be the duty of the street superintendent, or such other person as the mayor shall appoint, to assign numbers, according to the scheme of numbering hereinbefore provided, to every house or other building in the town of Cathlamet, and to report the numbers assigned to the regular meeting of the town council next following the effective date of this chapter. The council shall at once consider such report, and accept and by resolution approve the same with such revision and amendments as it may deem necessary. A copy of the report as approved shall be filed with the town clerk. It shall be the duty of the town clerk at once to notify the owners, agents, lessors or occupants of such houses or buildings, either by mail, publication or telephone, of the numbers so assigned. Whenever any house or other building is to be erected within the town of Cathlamet hereafter, a number shall be assigned by the street superintendent at the time the building permit is granted therefor. (Ord. 293 § 3, 1981)