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(1) Public schools and private schools offering curricula similar to public schools, under conditions set forth in Chapter 18.55 CMC;

(2) Churches under conditions set forth in Chapter 18.55 CMC;

(3) Municipal buildings under conditions set forth in Chapter 18.55 CMC;

(4) Telephone exchanges, electric substations, and similar uses of public utility corporations, provided they are either: (a) completely enclosed within buildings which conform to and harmonize with surrounding buildings as to type of architecture and landscaping and comply with the setback requirements of the R zone, or (b) if the use is of an outdoor nature, such as a neighborhood substation, it shall be completely enclosed in a view-obscuring fence or hedge, with the exterior grounds landscaped; such enclosure to meet the following setback requirements: front yard, 30 feet; side yard, 20 feet; and rear yard, 10 feet if abutting an alley, otherwise 20 feet;

(5) Home occupations under conditions set forth in Chapter 18.55 CMC;

(6) Clinics, hospitals, and sanitariums, except those for inebriates, the insane, or those suffering from mental conditions, under conditions set forth in Chapter 18.55 CMC;

(7) Professional office buildings for attorneys, physicians, dentists, accountants, professional engineers, or architects under conditions set forth in Chapter 18.55 CMC, and provided the following special conditions are also met: maximum building height, one story; minimum side yard, 10 feet; one off-street parking space for each 200 square feet of floor area located to the rear of the front yard setback line;

(8) School and studios for group instructions under conditions set forth in Chapter 18.55 CMC;

(9) Kindergarten, child care, preschool, and nursery schools under conditions set forth in Chapter 18.55 CMC;

(10) Manufactured homes on individual lots shall comply with the following performance standards:

(a) Is comprised of at least two fully enclosed parallel sections. Total square feet of living area minimum of 1,000 square feet;

(b) Was originally constructed with and now has a composition or wood shake or shingle, coated metal, or similar roof of not less than 3:12 pitch;

(c) Has exterior siding similar in appearance to siding materials commonly used on conventional site-built, state Uniform Building Code, single-family residences;

(d) The manufactured home shall be placed on an excavated and backfilled concrete or block foundation and enclosed at the perimeter such that the manufactured home is not more than 12 inches above grade. The perimeter of the foundation shall be skirted with concrete block or masonry;

(e) The location of manufactured structures on real property within the town of Cathlamet shall be subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth. These standards shall not apply to any manufactured structure lawfully placed prior to the adoption of these standards.

(i) No manufactured structure shall be placed in the corporate limits of Cathlamet, or floodplain (FP) zone without a conditional use permit issued by the board of adjustment, provided no conditional use permit shall be separately required in a manufactured home park;

(ii) All manufactured structures must meet the Washington State Building Codes. A manufactured structure which was placed and maintained upon real property prior to annexation of said real property by the town of Cathlamet shall be a prior nonconforming use pursuant to this title;

(iii) All manufactured homes shall be landscaped within one year from the time of set up. (Ord. 374 § 2, 1996; Ord. 369 § 4(C), 1995)