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(1) Stables, kennels, poultry, rabbits (except as pets) and livestock;

(2) Mobile homes used for dwelling purposes which do not conform to provisions of Chapter 15.20 CMC;

(3) Repair, storage, and parking of log trucks and trailers, and other trucks and trailers in excess of 12,000 pounds gross weight;

(4) Commercial and industrial uses other than home occupations as listed below:

(a) Custom dressmaking, millinery, tailoring, sewing of custom apparel and home furnishings;

(b) Teaching of piano, voice, or dancing; limited to a total of four pupils simultaneously;

(c) Fine arts studio in which are created only individual works of art;

(d) Rooming and boarding of not more than two people, exclusive of the resident family;

(e) Beauty salon, provided the business is limited to the operation of no more than four dryers;

(f) Locksmithing.

Car repair service and all other unlisted uses are not permitted in residential zones. (Ord. 369 § 4(D), 1995)