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(1) Minimum lot area: 7,500 square feet; minimum width of lot at building lines: 70 feet; minimum lot depth: 90 feet, maximum building height: two stories or 35 feet; maximum land coverage: 44 percent for any dwelling and all buildings. Lots already established at time of the passage of the ordinance codified in this title, if smaller than minimum, need not meet minimum requirements.

(2) Minimum setback distances: 20 feet for front yard, 20 feet for rear yard, and five feet for side yard; provided, that at least 10 feet shall be provided between the extreme portions of any adjacent structures.

For buildings on corner lots, the setback shall be front yard setback on both streets and there shall be at least one rear yard setback. For corner lots less than 70 feet wide at time of adoption of the ordinance codified in this title, the setbacks may be one-third of total lot width, but in no case less than five feet from an adjoining lot or 10 feet from an adjacent street right-of-way line, except that any garage or carport shall be set back at least 20 feet.

Exception to minimum setbacks on the south side of Columbia Street, buildings need not exceed 10 feet for setback because of the topography of the land.

(3) Maximum setback distance: not more than 10 feet further than average of existing dwellings on adjoining properties or further than one-third the depth of zoning lot, whichever is the greater.

(4) Curb openings for driveways shall not exceed 12 feet for single garage or 20 feet for a double garage. (Ord. 369 § 4(E), 1995)