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(1) Variances. Where difficulties exist rendering compliance with the zoning ordinance impractical and such compliance would create unnecessary hardship for the owner or user of land or buildings, the board may grant a variance after investigation, provided all of the following conditions exist:

(a) The difficulty would apply to the particular land or building regardless of the owner;

(b) The request for variance is not the result of an illegal act on the part of the applicant;

(c) The plight of the owner is due to unique circumstances such as lot size or shape, topography and size of buildings, which are not the general condition of the surrounding area;

(d) The hardship asserted as a ground for variance must arise out of the zoning ordinance;

(e) The particular difficulty or unnecessary hardship asserted as a ground for a variance must relate to the premises for the benefit of which the variance is sought and not to other premises or personal conditions of the applicant.

(2) Conditional Property Uses. The board shall have and exercise its jurisdiction over conditional property uses according to the standards and conditions established herein. (Ord. 369 § 12(G), 1995)