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(1) All references to officers that are no longer active officers in the employ of the town of Cathlamet, namely: the clerk, the marshal, the police judge, and the treasurer are hereby abolished and/or renamed as follows:

(a) The offices of clerk and treasurer are hereby combined and renamed “clerk-treasurer”;

(b) The office of “police judge” is hereby renamed “municipal judge”;

(c) The office of marshal is hereby abolished.

(2) The clerk-treasurer, and other employees and officers entrusted with the custody, accounting, and expenditure of town funds, shall, before entering upon the performance of their duties, execute a bond to the town of Cathlamet conditioned on the faithful performance, fulfillment and discharge of all duties required of such office by the laws of the state of Washington and the ordinances of the town of Cathlamet and for the faithful performance of such duties as may be prescribed by any law or ordinance which may be enacted subsequent to the execution of said bond, including such duties as may devolve on such official in an ex-official capacity or otherwise. The council may alternatively authorize an insurance policy accomplishing the same protection to the town with the town as beneficiary. Said bond or insurance coverage shall be $1,000,000 or more per employee or official as the council may determine. The council shall annually appropriate sufficient funds to pay for said bonds or insurance policy. The mayor shall ensure that the bonds or insurance policy is obtained. (Ord. 524 § 1, 2010; Ord. 191 § 4, 1939)