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(1) The town clerk-treasurer shall have all of the powers and shall perform each of the duties specified by RCW Title 35A for town clerks and treasurers, together with any other duties or authority which may be conferred upon such office by the laws of the state of Washington or the ordinances of the town, as now or hereafter amended.

(2) In addition to the authority prescribed by the Revised Code of Washington the town clerk-treasurer shall have the duties and primary authority to perform the following:

(a) Determine what funds are available in any fund of the town for investments;

(b) Invest the funds of the town in such a manner as to provide for timely payment of claims, expenses and other expenditures authorized by the town council;

(c) Receive and safely keep all money belonging to the town from whatever source devised;

(d) Place all funds received to the credit of the different funds to which it belongs in a book kept for that purpose;

(e) Certify availability of funds as cited for each warrant prepared, prior to submission to the council for approval;

(f) Submit to the council recommendations and rationale for transfer of funds to effect payment of legitimate billings for which revenues have not been received, or for which adequate funds have not been budgeted;

(g) Provide a summary of all investments and investment transactions quarterly to the town council;

(h) Provide the mayor and town council, for the first council meeting each month, a statement of all moneys received and expended by fund number and title;

(i) Report to the town council at the first regular meeting of each month the condition of the town treasury, bringing to light any significant or potentially significant financial problems;

(j) Disburse the funds of the town by direction of the town council as authorized by law;

(k) Keep records of all ordinances and other official documents of the town;

(l) Publication of official notices;

(m) Recording of minutes of town council meetings;

(n) Preparation of various periodic reports, and type permits, letters, memos and reports;

(o) Such other duties as may be assigned by the town council from time to time by notice or resolution. (Ord. 398 § 3, 1999)