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(1) All employees, except those covered by LEOFF I, are covered by the state industrial insurance program (worker’s compensation). This type of insurance covers employees in case of on-the-job injuries or job-related illness. For qualifying cases, state industrial insurance will pay the employee for work days lost for any disability resulting from job-related injuries or illness. All job-related accidents must be reported immediately to the supervisor.

(2) When an employee is absent for one or more days due to an on-the-job accident, he/she is required to file a claim for worker’s compensation. If the employee files a claim, the town will continue to pay by use of the employee’s unused sick leave the employee’s regular salary pending receipt of worker’s compensation benefits.

(3) When the employee receives worker’s compensation benefits, he/she is required to repay to the town the amount covered by worker’s compensation and previously advanced by the town. This policy is to ensure that employees will receive prompt and regular payment during periods of injury or disability so long as accrued sick leave is available, while ensuring that no employee receives more than he/she would have received had the injury not occurred. Upon the repayment of funds advanced, the appropriate amount of sick leave shall be restored to the employee’s account.

(4) The town may require an examination at its expense, performed by a physician of its choice, to determine when the employee can return to work (in a regular or light duty capacity) and if he/she will be capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of the position. (Ord. 518 § 2, 2009)