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All new employees must satisfactorily complete their probation period to be entitled to the accrual and use of vacation leave. Permanent part-time employees will accrue vacation on a pro rata basis. Temporary employees are not eligible for any vacation benefits.

(1) Each full-time employee is entitled to vacation leave which accrues monthly at the following rate:

(a) Full-time employees shall accrue vacation leave with the first year of employment with vacation pay at the rate of eight hours for each calendar month of continuous employment.

(b) After one full year of continuous service, full-time employees shall be granted an additional eight hours of vacation leave for each year of service with the town; said additional hours of vacation leave shall be credited to the employee at the anniversary date of the employee’s employment. In no event shall an employee accrue more than 240 hours of vacation leave in one year. The maximum additional hours added for length of service shall be 144 hours.

(c) All requests for vacation leave must be approved by the employee’s supervisor prior to the start of the requested vacation leave. No employee shall be paid for unearned vacation leave.

(2) Permanent part-time employees shall accrue vacation leave prorated based upon their PPE/FTE ratio. In no event shall a permanent part-time employee accrue more than 115 hours of vacation leave in one year.

(3) Employees who are eligible to accrue vacation hours have the option to elect that compensation for accumulated vacation time in excess of 240 hours for full-time and 115 hours for permanent part-time be directed to their deferred compensation accounts. If no such election is made, vacation hours will cease to accrue at any time during the year that the employee’s accrual would exceed the defined limit of hours by employee type.

(4) Employees are encouraged to use their accumulated vacation time within the year in which it was earned. Vacation leave may be carried over from one year to the next to a maximum accrual of 240 hours for full-time and 115 hours for permanent part-time. Employees will be paid for unused vacation time upon termination of employment.

(5) Each department is responsible for scheduling its employees’ vacations without undue disruption of department operations. Vacation leave requests shall be submitted in writing at least two weeks prior to taking vacation leave. If the nature of the work makes it necessary to limit the number of employees on vacation, the employees with the greatest seniority shall be given their choice.

(6) Vacation leave must be taken in minimum increments of one hour. (Ord. 624 § 4, 2020; Ord. 592 §§ 2, 3, 4, 2017; Ord. 518 § 2, 2009)