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(1) The following legal holidays are recognized by the town and shall be paid holidays for full-time and permanent part-time employees:

New Year’s Day

January 1st

Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Third Monday in January

President’s Day

Third Monday in February

Memorial Day

Last Monday in May


June 19th

Independence Day

July 4th

Labor Day

First Monday in September

Veterans Day

November 11th

Thanksgiving Day

Fourth Thursday in November

Day after Thanksgiving Day

Friday following Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

December 25th

One Floating Holiday

Employee’s Preference

(2) The floating holiday is to be scheduled by mutual agreement of the employee and his/her supervisor after written request. Any floating holiday not used by an employee by the end of the year will be forfeited.

(3) Any holiday falling on Saturday will be celebrated on the preceding Friday. Any holiday falling on Sunday will be celebrated on the following Monday.

(4) If any of the above specified state legal holidays are also federal legal holidays, but observed on different dates, only the state legal holidays shall be recognized as a paid legal holiday for town employees.

(5) Full-time employees shall receive eight hours’ pay for each of the holidays listed above on which they perform no work, provided the employee is not on an authorized leave of absence without pay. Permanent part-time employees working 80 or more hours a month shall receive holiday pay based upon the ratio of their budgeted hours to that of a full-time employee; i.e., a position budgeted for 80 hours a month, 960 hours a year is a 50 percent FTE and would receive 50 percent of eight holiday hours.

(6) An employee who is required by the mayor to work on a recognized legal holiday shall be allowed to take off from employment, without penalty, two times the time worked on said holiday. After consultation with the mayor, the employee may select the day or days when such holiday time off shall be utilized. The clerk-treasurer shall maintain records with respect to any accrued holiday time off.

(7) Holidays, which occur during vacation, shall not be charged against vacation leave.

(8) Temporary employees will be paid at their regular straight-time rate for hours worked on a holiday. (Ord. 650 § 1, 2021; Ord. 518 § 2, 2009)