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For the purposes of the tax levied herein:

(1) The Department of Revenue of the State of Washington is hereby designated as the agent of the town of Cathlamet for the purposes of collection and administration.

(2) The administrative provisions contained in RCW 82.08.050 through 82.08.060 and those administrative provisions contained in Chapter 82.32 RCW shall apply with respect to administration and collection of the tax by the Department of Revenue.

(3) All rules and regulations, as now or hereafter amended, adopted by the Department of Revenue for the administration of Chapter 82.08 RCW are hereby adopted.

(4) The State of Washington Department of Revenue is hereby empowered, on behalf of the town of Cathlamet, to prescribe such special forms and reporting procedures as the Department of Revenue may deem necessary. (Ord. 455 § 3, 2004)