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RCW 35.27.340 provides that all demands against a town shall be presented to and audited by the council in accordance with such regulations as they may by ordinance prescribe.

(1) Payrolls and associated payroll deductions and town payroll costs may be paid on established payroll dates prior to the approval of the town council. In addition to the approval of the clerk-treasurer, each payroll shall be approved by the town mayor, prior to the issuance of payroll.

(2) That claims, other than payroll claims which are paid, require the approval and shall be processed by the clerk-treasurer.

(3) In order to expedite the payment of claims owed by the town, the town may issue electronic or ACH payments in place of physical check or warrant and in advance of town council approval.

(4) The claims, other than payroll claims which are paid, are limited to:

(a) Payments for debt service principal and interest.

(b) Payments that are scheduled to meet invoice payment dates such as net 30 or net 10th of month.

(c) Payments omitted in error and/or past due.

(d) Payments on obligations which have previously been approved and/or committed.

(5) That claims paid under these rules shall be made by check or warrant and EFT or ACH and the clerk-treasurer shall submit a check register of all claims, other than payroll, paid using the authority established by ordinance and these internal controls to the town council at their next regular council meeting for their approval or rejection. (Ord. 617 § 4, 2019)