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As used in this chapter, unless the context or subject matter clearly requires otherwise, the words or phrases defined in this chapter shall have the indicated meanings:

(1) “Cable television services” means the transmission of video programming and associated nonvideo signals to subscribers together with subscriber interaction, if any, which is provided in connection with video programming. (Includes satellite service.)

(2) “Cellular telephone service” means any two-way voice and data telephone or similar communications system based in whole or in substantial part on wireless radio communications, including cellular mobile service, and which is not subject to regulation by the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission. Cellular mobile service includes other wireless radio communications services including specialized mobile radio, personal communications services, and any other evolving wireless radio communications technology that accomplishes a purpose substantially similar to cellular mobile service. “Cellular telephone service” is included within the definition of “telephone business” for the purposes of this chapter.

(3) “Competitive telephone service” means the providing by any person of telecommunications equipment or apparatus, directory advertising and lease of telephone street directories, or service related to that equipment or apparatus such as repair or maintenance service, if the equipment or apparatus is of a type which may be provided by persons not subject to regulation as telephone companies under RCW Title 80, and for which a separate charge is made. Transmission of communication through cellular telephones is classified as “telephone business” rather than “competitive telephone service.”

(4) “Garbage collection service” means the business of collecting and disposal of household and commercial waste and refuse.

(5) “Gross income” means the value proceeding or accruing from the performance in the town of Cathlamet of the particular business involved, including gross proceeds of sales, compensation for the rendition of services, and receipts (including all sums earned or charged, whether received or not) by reason of investment in the business engaged in (excluding rentals, receipts or proceeds from the use or sale of real property or any interest therein, and proceeds from the sale of notes, bonds, mortgages or other evidences of indebtedness, or stocks and the like), all without any deduction on account of the cost of property sold, the cost of materials used, labor costs, taxes, interest or discount paid, delivery costs or any expenses whatsoever, and without any deduction on account of losses, and excluding any tax levied by a municipal corporation upon the business.

(6) “Pager service” means service provided by means of an electronic device which has the ability to send or receive voice or digital messages transmitted through the local telephone network, via satellite or any other form of voice or data transmission. “Pager service” is included within the definition of “telephone business” for the purposes of this chapter.

(7) “Person” means any person, firm, corporation, municipal corporation, association, or entity of any type engaged in a business subject to taxation under this chapter.

(8) “Sewage service” shall include the disposal, removal, or transmission of sewage whether within the town or out of the town, by a business located in or taking delivery of sewage in town or from the town’s sewer and waste water facilities out of town, excepting wholesaling of sewage services.

(9) “Telephone business” means the business of providing access to a local telephone network, local telephone network switching service, toll service, or coin telephone services, or providing telephonic, video, data, pager or similar communication or transmission for hire, via a local telephone network, toll line or channel, cable, microwave, or similar communication or transmission system. The term includes cooperative or farmer line telephone companies or associations operating an exchange. “Telephone business” does not include the providing of competitive telephone service or cable television service, or other providing of broadcast services by radio or television stations.

(10) “Town clerk” means the town clerk of the town of Cathlamet, Washington, or his or her designee.

(11) “Water service” shall include the sale or resale of water to customers, whether within the town or out of the town, by a business located in or taking delivery of water in town or from the town water system out of town excepting the wholesaling of water. (Ord. 476 § 1, 2005; Ord. 463 § 3, 2004)