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The following dogs shall be and are hereby declared to be a nuisance:

(1) Any dog which habitually runs after or barks at persons travelling the streets or other public thoroughfares or which runs after or chases fowls;

(2) Any dog which by frequent or habitual howling, yelping or barking shall annoy or disturb a neighborhood or the quiet and repose of several persons;

(3) Any dog at large, when not under leash restraint or command as provided in CMC 6.05.060;

(4) Any vicious dog, a “vicious” dog being defined in this chapter as one which habitually attacks or kills other dogs, cats, or domestic animals, or which has bitten or scratched any person in such a manner as to break the skin of such person and leave a visible mark or marks of such injury. (Ord. 261 § 7, 1972)