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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 21 Repealed
Ord. 20 Requires sidewalks of property owners on north side of Columbia St. Not codified
Ord. 19 Sets compensation for town officials and labor materials Not codified
Ord. 18 License for hawkers and peddlers Repealed by 142
Ord. 17 Names Main St. Special
Ord. 16 Allows claims against town for vendors Not codified
Ord. 15 Defines misdemeanors Repealed
Ord. 14 License tax Repealed
Ord. 13 Imposes collection of street poll on all male inhabitants of town over 21 Not codified
Ord. 12 Collection of annual dog licenses and destruction of dogs running at large Not codified
Ord. 11 Provides for the construction of sidewalks and collection of costs Not codified
Ord. 10 Authorization to employ civil engineer for street and sewer improvements Not codified
Ord. 9 Regulates sale and distribution of intoxicating liquors Repealed by 171
Ord. 8 Street improvements Not codified
Ord. 7 Prohibits loud and boisterous talk on public streets after 7:00 p.m. Not codified
Ord. 6 Allows community service in lieu of fines for convicted persons Not codified
Ord. 5 Qualifications, compensation of police justice Not codified
Ord. 4 Qualifications, compensation of town marshal Not codified
Ord. 3 Qualifications, compensation of town clerk Not codified
Ord. 2 Unlawful for drinking, gambling establishments to be open on Sundays Not codified
Ord. 1 Prohibits public intoxication, use of profane language Repealed by 15