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It shall be unlawful for any person to park, or leave standing, any disabled, stored, or abandoned vehicle, or for the owner thereof to permit such vehicle to remain standing, in any public place in the town of Cathlamet after notice to remove the same as herein provided pursuant to Chapter 46.55 RCW.

“Unauthorized vehicle” means a vehicle that is subject to impoundment after being left unattended in one of the following public or private locations for the indicated period of time:

Subject to removal after:

(1) Public locations:

(a) Constituting an accident or traffic hazard as defined in RCW 46.55.113: immediately.

(b) On a highway and tagged as described in RCW 46.55.085: 24 hours.

(c) In a publicly owned or controlled parking facility, properly posted under RCW 46.55.070: immediately.

(2) Private locations:

(a) On residential property: immediately

(b) On private, nonresidential property posted under RCW 46.55.070: immediately.

(c) On private, nonresidential property, not posted: 24 hours. (Ord. 647 § 1, 2021; Ord. 519, 2009; Ord. 252 § 1, 1968)