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(1) Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to establish procedures for amendment of the town’s comprehensive plan map/text and the development regulations.

(2) Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The comprehensive land use plan is defined as the generalized, coordinated land use policy statement of the town, and the accompanying map, adopted under RCW 35.63.100.

(3) Development Regulations. The development regulations are the controls placed on development or land use activities by the town, as required by RCW 35.63.080, including, but not limited to, the town’s codes on zoning (this title), variances, conditional use permits, critical areas, planned unit developments, subdivisions, binding site plans and the shoreline master program. Pursuant to RCW 35.63.125, “development regulations” has the same meaning as set forth in RCW 36.70A.030.

(4) Types of Amendments. The applications that will be processed under this chapter as “legislative” are comprehensive plan amendments to the comprehensive plan map or policies and development regulation amendments.

(5) Process. The town is required to process such legislative amendments in this chapter under the procedures in Chapter 35.63 RCW (not Chapter 36.70B RCW). (Ord. 584, 2016)