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The town council is the legislative authority of the town and has the power to enact laws and policies, consistent with state law, needed or desired to regulate local and municipal affairs within the jurisdiction of the town or its service areas. The council, comprised of five elected at-large council members, has the specific authority to: enact a town budget; define the powers, functions and duties of town officers and employees; fix the compensation of officers and employees; establish the working conditions of officers and employees; maintain retirement and pension systems; impose fines and penalties for the violation of city ordinances; enter into contracts; regulate the acquisition, sale, ownership and other disposition of real property; provide governmental, recreational, educational, cultural and social services; impose taxes and fees not otherwise prohibited by state law; cause the town to own and operate utilities; approve claims against the town; grant franchises for the use of public ways; and license, for the purpose of revenue and regulation, most any type of business. The council also is authorized to establish rules governing its own procedures, including for public meetings and hearings; and exercise all other authorities and perform all other duties and functions for councils as provided by state statute. (Ord. 530 § 1, 2010)