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(1) Any unlicensed dog or cat, and any dog or cat declared to be a nuisance, shall be seized and impounded by the poundmaster or some other person or agency duly authorized by the mayor and council.

(2) If the name of the owner of the impounded dog or cat can be ascertained through the license tag, if any, or otherwise, the poundmaster shall notify the owner by certified mail, return receipt requested, that such dog or cat will be offered for sale at the end of 72 hours from the time such dog or cat was impounded unless the dog or cat is redeemed prior to such time in the manner herein provided. No such notice shall be required if the dog or cat has no license tag.

(3) Any impounded dog or cat shall be kept in custody not less than 72 hours, and if the owner of any dog or cat so impounded shall not redeem such dog by paying the charges as herein provided, then it shall be the duty of the poundmaster, or other authorized person or agency, to offer such dog or cat for sale in consideration of the payment for such redemption charges.

(4) If any dog or cat so sold is not to be kept within the corporate limits of the town of Cathlamet, the purchaser of such dog or cat shall not be required to pay the license fee therefor as herein required.

(5) In case of failure to obtain a purchaser, it shall be the duty of the poundmaster to immediately destroy or otherwise dispose of the dog or cat by humane methods. (Ord. 636 § 7, 2020; Ord. 261 § 10, 1972)