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The planning commission shall review the proposed amendments to the comprehensive plan and development regulations under the following criteria to develop findings and conclusions to support a recommendation:

(1) All Amendments. All of the amendments shall be reviewed under the following criteria:

(a) Whether the proposed amendment(s) are consistent with the town’s comprehensive plan (RCW 35.63.125);

(b) Whether circumstances related to the proposed amendment(s) and/or the area in which it is located have substantially changed since the adoption of the town’s comprehensive plan;

(c) Whether the assumptions upon which the town’s comprehensive plan is based are no longer valid, or whether new information is available which was not considered during the adoption process or any annual amendments of the town’s comprehensive plan; and

(d) Whether the proposed amendment(s) reflects current, widely held values of the residents of the town.

(2) Amendments for Site-Specific Proposals. In addition to the above, any proposal for a site-specific development or amendment shall be reviewed under the following criteria:

(a) Any proposed site-specific amendment(s) shall not result in probable significant adverse impacts to the town’s transportation network, capital facilities, utilities, parks and environmental features that cannot be mitigated, and will not place uncompensated burdens upon existing or planned service capabilities;

(b) In the case of a site-specific amendment(s) to the comprehensive plan’s land use map, that the subject parcels are physically suitable for the requested land use designation and the anticipated land use development, including, but not limited to, the following: (i) access; (ii) provision of utilities; and (iii) compatibility with existing and planned surrounding land uses;

(c) The proposed site-specific amendment(s) will not create pressure to change the land use designation of other properties, unless the change of land use designation for other properties is in the long-term best interests of the town as a whole; and

(d) The proposed site-specific amendment(s) does not materially affect the land use and population growth projections that are the bases of the comprehensive plan. (Ord. 584, 2016)