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Article II. Comprehensive Plan Amendments
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(1) Legislative Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. The town public works director or designee is authorized to administer the provisions of this chapter. The planning commission shall have the authority to hold the public hearing on any proposed comprehensive plan amendment(s), and to provide a recommendation to the town council. The town council shall consider the planning commission’s recommendation during a public meeting or a public hearing and make a final decision.

(2) Development Agreement. A legislative amendment to the comprehensive plan that is site-specific may be approved subject to the execution, delivery and recording of a development agreement between the town council and the property owner of the subject property (or the legal owner of a beneficial interest in the subject property). The development agreement may impose conditions to address the criteria set forth in CMC 18.07.150, and approval of the comprehensive plan amendment shall be conditioned upon performance or compliance with the terms and conditions of the development agreement. The town may revoke (or take other action allowed by law) a comprehensive plan amendment executed with a development agreement for failure to comply with the development agreement. An applicant proposing a comprehensive plan amendment with a development agreement shall submit the proposed development agreement with the application materials described in CMC 18.07.050. The town will evaluate the proposed development agreement together with the proposed comprehensive plan amendment to determine whether the amendment should be approved. (Ord. 584, 2016)